About us

Pursuit for Continuous Growth and Excellence

IKU.NET is an international network of distinguished business women sharing common goals, values and a vision for a better world. IKU.NET members are intercultural entrepreneurs committed to continuous growth & excellence –personally and in business - and passionate about empowering women and giving back to our communities.

IKU.NET, a non-profit organization, was initiated and founded by Işınay Kemmler and her peers on the International Women’s Day, March 8th 2010 in Germany.

IKU.NET is going global!

During Işınay’s visit to the USA in May 2011 following an invitation of the US State Department   to participate in a program called Women and Entrepreneurship (International Visitors Leadership Program) the first steps for going global were taken as not only several American  female entrepreneurs and women’s organizations but also other delegates from several countries loved the idea of IKU.NET.

IKU.NET will soon link entrepreneurs to others around the world via internet - IKU-NET-Website, social media & annual conferences and other events taking place in different countries. Members inspire, improve and support each other.  Local chapters are being founded in different countries to promote our idea and to connect entrepreneurs globally. If you are also interested in starting an IKU.NET chapter in your country or region please contact Işınay at mail (at) iku-net.org

Are you curious about the countries where we will be active soon? Please visit our website regularly, you may find  information regarding the following networks:

Women’s Network for Intercultural Entrepreneurs

Kültürlerarası Kadın Girişimciler Ağı

Nők Kapcsolati Szövetsége az Interkultúrális Vállalkozókért

شبكة  سيدات الأعمال من مختلف الثقافات

Daje jegen si deflante simbirri ada ak choosan

Kulttuurien välinen naisyrittäjien verkosto

Réseau des Entrepreneuses Interculturelles

Rete di Imprenditrici Interculturali

Red Intercultural empresarios                                   

Network intercultural de mulheres empreendedoras                 

Netwerk van interculturele onderneemsters 

What IKU.NET stands for

IKU.NET is an artificial name for Women‘s Network for Intercultural Entrepreneurs.

IKU stands for Intercultural and IQ; NET stands for Network.

The initiator & founder of IKU.NET, Ișınay Kemmler and her peers are convinced that intercultural competence is one of the key factors for a higher business intelligence (IQ) in the world of today with global markets and new chances coming through internet like virtual networks and with extended supply chain.