Our members

Commitment for Continuous Growth

Our network includes entrepreneurs from different business sectors and with various backgrounds. 

We all have commitment for continuous growth - personally and in business as well as an intercultural aspect in common - either coming from a different cultural background, a spouse from a different cultural area, international work experience – no restricting criteria at hand.

We as intercultural entrepreneurs are cosmopolitan and are open to different cultures. This competence plus business intelligence enables our businesses prosper and expand. IKU.NET existence and further growth derives from this fact. 

I am a proud member of IKU.NET, because ...

… the globalized world offers intercultural entrepreneurs various possibilities for growth. Our ability for cross cultural communication and our language skills enable us to enter global markets and succeed.  As role models we can help solve problems in our communities. And we can reach the skies if we stick together, inspire and support each other.

 Işınay Kemmler, founder and president of IKU.NET Germany, Management Consultant www.kemmler.net