Our vision & mission

Diversity for Success

The cornerstones of today’s global world are diversity, interculturality and cross nationality. Global thinking requires being cosmopolitan, cultural openness, positive attitude towards diversity as pre-requisite and enhancement for success. Intercultural competence – a key factor for effective and successful communication between diverse cultures. 

And here is where our initiative sets in and pulls intercultural female entrepreneurs together. Our network helps minimize barriers in our society, promotes reliance, enforces relationships and broadens horizons. Relationships between business partners become the stepping stone for economic success. Interaction between culture and economy enables reciprocal behavior. Ongoing dialogue constitutes a network enabling cooperation, providing action of perspective promoting constant growth and development. 

Our mission

IKU.NET promotes women to think and act as entrepreneurs. Successful intercultural entrepreneurs motivate, encourage and support their peers.

IKU.NET shows how to profitably intertwine interculturality and entrepreneurial activities.

IKU.NET highlights successful role models thus supporting the reduction of prejudice in society and increasing integration.

Intercultural entrepreneurs obtain a platform for exchange and mutual support with IKU.NET.